Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lance Drummonds Listening Party for Debut Album Time and Space @ Quad studios

I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out at Quad Studios for the Time and Space listening party.

Stepping off the elevator I was introduced to a classic production (which he wrote and produced himself) reminding of the 90's ballads I grew up on. The pages that created the album were torn from the chapters in his book love. We got to "Share His Heart"
and were blessed with a live performance of "The Opposite of No" showing the audience that he is more than just a studio performer.
I throughly enjoyed the album and his commitment to his success (investing everything he had into the project) so support my dude the investment will be worth the time.

Back To The Beginnings

It's how some paths can bring you right back to where you started. I started this blog thinking I wanted to write about style and fashion my primary motivation for coming to NYC initially but like life intentions and plans change.

I've been almost two years, experiencing new places, new experiences, new relationships, all of which I wish I would have documented but the past is gone never to return so I must live in the present. With that I have decided to dedicate this blog to my experiences, interests, and journey through the beautiful language of life. There will of course be style notes as it's very much a part of who I am, but you can also expect to be introduced to a new love (anthropology/sociology) and my old love affair with the literary word.

I was once told that am an ambassador to those who have will never the places I go and to the people that I meet on these adventures who will never visit the places I've come from, and that is how I'm choosing to live my life. To dream for those who have been forced to "wake up", to live for those sentenced to a lifeless existence, love for those who are afraid to let the world see them for who they really are.

Join me on the journey.