Monday, May 10, 2010

Letters to My Love Her: My First Love-The First Time I Knew

After our first encounter, I knew you would love me forever, that we would share something no one would understand but us, it was our connection, our bond, I was always on your mind, as I formed my thoughts about you, I became your heart, as my heartbeat grew stronger for you, and after much anticipation I was finally introduced to you, and these eyes had never seen anything more beautiful. How I was blessed to be with someone so wonderful was awing, and it was then I knew I was falling, for my first love.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

How do you capture a dream?

How do you capture a dream?
Do you grab it?
Do so too quickly and it slips through your hands.
Do you embrace it?
Squeeze to hard and you crush it.
No dreams, like passion, must be catered to,
taking time to cultivate each and every element, with unwavering attention,
It must consume our entire being until as natural as breathing,
inhaling the thought, and exhaling the manifestation,
so that each moment becomes memorable,
After all what is passion except a strong desire which moves us to act,
And what are dreams At their core except things we desire,
So don't just find your passion live it.