Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lance Drummonds Listening Party for Debut Album Time and Space @ Quad studios

I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out at Quad Studios for the Time and Space listening party.

Stepping off the elevator I was introduced to a classic production (which he wrote and produced himself) reminding of the 90's ballads I grew up on. The pages that created the album were torn from the chapters in his book love. We got to "Share His Heart"
and were blessed with a live performance of "The Opposite of No" showing the audience that he is more than just a studio performer.
I throughly enjoyed the album and his commitment to his success (investing everything he had into the project) so support my dude the investment will be worth the time.

Back To The Beginnings

It's how some paths can bring you right back to where you started. I started this blog thinking I wanted to write about style and fashion my primary motivation for coming to NYC initially but like life intentions and plans change.

I've been almost two years, experiencing new places, new experiences, new relationships, all of which I wish I would have documented but the past is gone never to return so I must live in the present. With that I have decided to dedicate this blog to my experiences, interests, and journey through the beautiful language of life. There will of course be style notes as it's very much a part of who I am, but you can also expect to be introduced to a new love (anthropology/sociology) and my old love affair with the literary word.

I was once told that am an ambassador to those who have will never the places I go and to the people that I meet on these adventures who will never visit the places I've come from, and that is how I'm choosing to live my life. To dream for those who have been forced to "wake up", to live for those sentenced to a lifeless existence, love for those who are afraid to let the world see them for who they really are.

Join me on the journey.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Legend of Love

In Honor of this day of "Love" I thought I would provide you with the legend of Cupid or "Eros" as he was known in the Greek. His name is the prefix of our word erotic, his mother Venus or "Aphrodite" provides the prefix for the word aphrodisiac, his lover Psyche is precisely where we derive our same word from, coming together they create bliss but I'll let you read the story to discover it's name for yourself.

Envious and jealous of the beauty of a mortal girl named Psyche, Venus asks her son Cupid (known to the Greeks as Eros) to use his golden arrows while Psyche sleeps, so that when she awakens, Venus (Aphrodite in the Greek tradition) would have already placed a vile creature for her to fall in love with. Cupid finally agrees to her commands after a long (and failed) debate. As he flies to Psyche's room at night, he turns himself invisible so no one can see him fly in through her window. He takes pity on her, for she was born too beautiful for her own safety. As he slowly approaches, careful not to make a sound, he readies one of his golden arrows. He leans over Psyche while she is asleep and before he can scratch her shoulder with the arrow, she awakens, startling him, for she looks right into his eyes, despite his invisibility. This causes him to scratch himself with his arrow, falling deeply in love with her. He cannot continue his mission, for every passing second he finds her more appealing. He reports back to Venus shortly after and the news enrages her. Venus places a curse on Psyche that keeps her from meeting a suitable husband, or any husband at that. As she does this, it upsets Cupid greatly, and he decides as long as the curse stays on Psyche, he will no longer shoot arrows, which will cause the temple of Venus to fall.

After months of no one — man or animal — falling in love, marrying, or mating, the Earth starts to grow old, which causes concern to Venus, for nobody praises her for Cupid's actions. Finally, she agrees to listen to Cupid's demands, according him one thing to have his own way. Cupid desires Psyche. Venus, upset, agrees to his demands only if he begins work immediately. He accepts the offer and takes off, shooting his golden arrows as fast as he can, restoring everything to the way it should be. People again fall in love and marry, animals far and wide mate, and the Earth begins to look young once again.
When all continue to admire and praise Psyche's beauty, but none desire her as a wife, Psyche's parents consult an oracle, which tells them to leave Psyche on the nearest mountain, for her beauty is so great that she is not meant for (mortal) man. Terrified, they have no choice but to follow the oracle's instructions. But then Zephyrus, the west wind, carries Psyche away, to a fair valley and a magnificent palace where she is attended by invisible servants until nightfall, and in the darkness of night the promised bridegroom arrives and the marriage is consummated. Cupid visits her every night to sleep with her, but demands that she never light any lamps, since he does not want her to know who he is until the time is right.

Statue of Cupido and Psyche kissing, 2nd century AD. Room E of the House of Cupid and Psyche. Ostia Antica, Latium, Italy
Cupid allows Zephyrus to take Psyche back to her sisters and bring all three down to the palace during the day, but warns that Psyche should not listen to any argument that she should try to discover his true form. The two jealous sisters tell Psyche, then pregnant with Cupid's child, that rumor is that she had married a great and terrible serpent who would devour her and her unborn child when the time came for it to be fed. They urge Psyche to conceal a knife and oil lamp in the bedchamber, to wait till her husband is asleep, and then to light the lamp and slay him at once if it is as they said. Psyche sadly follows their advice. In the light of the lamp Psyche recognizes the fair form on the bed as the god Cupid himself. However, she accidentally pricks herself with one of his arrows, and is consumed with desire for her husband. She begins to kiss him, but as she does, a drop of oil falls from her lamp onto Cupid's shoulder and wakes him. He flies away, and she falls from the window to the ground, sick at heart.
Psyche then finds herself in the city where one of her jealous elder sisters live. She tells her what had happened, then tricks her sister into believing that Cupid has chosen her as a wife on the mountaintop. Psyche later meets her other sister and deceives her likewise. Each sister goes to the top of the peak and jumps down eagerly, but Zephyrus does not bear them and they fall to their deaths at the base of the mountain.
Psyche searches far and wide for her lover, finally stumbling into a temple where everything is in slovenly disarray. As Psyche is sorting and clearing the mess, Ceres (Demeter to the Greeks) appears, but refuses any help beyond advising Psyche that she must call directly on Venus, who caused all the problems in the first place. Psyche next calls on Juno in her temple, but Juno gives her the same advice. So Psyche finds a temple to Venus and enters it. Venus then orders Psyche to separate all the grains in a large basket of mixed kinds before nightfall. An ant takes pity on Psyche, and with its ant companions, separates the grains for her.

Venus is outraged at her success and tells her to go to a field where golden sheep graze and to retrieve some golden wool. A river-god tells Psyche that the sheep are vicious and strong and will kill her, but if she waits until noontime, the sheep will go to the shade on the other side of the field and sleep; she can then pick the wool that sticks to the branches and bark of the trees. Venus next asks for water flowing from a cleft that is impossible for a mortal to attain and is also guarded by great serpents. This time an eagle performs the task for Psyche.

Venus, furious at Psyche's survival, claims that the stress of caring for her son, made depressed and ill as a result of Psyche's lack of faith, has caused her to lose some of her beauty. Psyche is to go to the Underworld and ask the queen of the Underworld, Proserpina (Persephone to the Greeks), to place a bit of her beauty in a box that Venus had given to Psyche. Psyche decides that the quickest way to the Underworld is to throw herself off some high place and die, and so she climbs to the top of a tower. But the tower itself speaks to Psyche and tells her the route that will allow her to enter the Underworld alive and return again, as well as telling her how to get past Cerberus (by giving the three-headed dog a small cake); how to avoid other dangers on the way there and back; and most importantly, to eat nothing but coarse bread in the underworld, as eating anything else would trap her there forever. Psyche follows the orders precisely, rejecting all but bread while beneath the Earth.
However, once Psyche has left the Underworld, she decides to open the box and take a little bit of the beauty for herself. Inside, she can see no beauty; instead an infernal sleep arises from the box and overcomes her. Cupid (Eros), who had forgiven Psyche, flies to her, wipes the sleep from her face, puts it back in the box, and sends her back on her way. Then Cupid flies to Mount Olympus and begs Jupiter (Zeus) to aid them. Jupiter calls a full and formal council of the gods and declares that it is his will that Cupid marry Psyche. Jupiter then has Psyche fetched to Mount Olympus, and gives her a drink made from ambrosia, granting her immortality. Begrudgingly, Venus and Psyche forgive each other.
Psyche and Cupid have a daughter, called Voluptas (Hedone in Greek mythology), the goddess of "sensual pleasures", whose Latin name means "pleasure" or "bliss".

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Never Can Say Goodbye

I tried to stay away, but the lyrics of life require constant composition, and I am the orchestrator the maestro. So I have returned to the environment that fostered inspiration.

If you've been following my tumblr you know I've been presenting my poetry, Chronicles, and Late Night Liaisons which I will continue to do. However this site will now be a journal of sorts, a place to put my thoughts on a digital shelf, that I can pull inspiration from. Initially this was going to be all about fashion, however I've come to the realization that I'm not a fan of fashion, but rather a style savant, but too many folks are becoming sheep who have had the wool pulled over their eyes (literally)so any post you see involving clothing will have some artistic or creative element, however subtle, that speaks to the sartorial character of each individual.

But for the most part this will give you insight into a piece of my thoughts and perspectives, until I have finished the transcription of my script I play that allows me to act out my part on the world stage.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movement is necessary

Ladies and gentlemen transition is what life is all about, growth development, and progression are what makes it beautiful for that reason I will no longer be writing on this blog. Partly because it was too hard to update and write here so I will be moving to Tumblr.com feel free to journey with me there at http://thepoetryoflife.tumblr.com/ I hope you have enjoyed these chapters as much as I have enjoyed transcribing them, it's now time to turn the pagae.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letter's to my lover: What comes with me.

First I would offer her my heart. A baseline that would coincide with each breath she takes, creating music that only the two of us would move to. She would hold the key to the door that only my Father and family have access to, and in it she would find the fullness of me, my insecurities and my limitless possibilities, my fears and the courage to face them, the malice and discontent I have received and the love and compassion I hope to return. She would hold my heart with the knowledge that she could scar it and with it me for life if handled improperly, or care for it in ways that cultivated a strong beat than ever experienced from those who once experienced me.

Secondly she would be privileged to receive the privilege of a man, something seemingly scarce now days, strong enough to love and commit more than sweet words or good intentions. She would receive my focus, a ffocus on more than her figure or physical features, a focus on her habits, her movements, and her manner while marveling at God's work in creating such a wonderful and complex creature.

Others often compliment words, but she would receive my tone, my voice, my pitch and as she inspired me my sentiment. Our interaction would be living breathing poetry, seamlessly transitioning between metaphor and simile, creating sonnets that inspired others to love again. Together we would create words that defied definition and speak in a language of motion and feelings, a language that would universally understood.

Sensually she would receive fingertips caressing her gently in places and positions that I won't mention. A kiss that would leave time tired and she went to sleep we would creep past midnight into the hours of the dark, where one of our senses was no longer needed which would only heighten our others so that we experience bliss on an inexplicable level. We would not make love we would make harmony. At times quiet requiring no sounds but the inhalation of anticipation and exhaling pleasure as we descended into her depth until her well ran dry, while I filled once again with pleasurable moments.

Lastly she would receive my appreciation because I would be the lucky one, for only a privileged few receive the wonderful gift that comes when you have a lady. I only offer the simple things and yet it's funny the simple things in life often bring us the most joy, while simultaneously baffling the masses. I guess that's the privilege of being my lady.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thought of the Day

Why do we try so hard to impress those who have no interest in us, yet neglect those who are moved, inspired, and blessed by us simply being who we are?

I would love to hear your thoughts.