Friday, February 27, 2009

"You want do this....but you can't do this...."

Let Bentley tell it.

The perfect travel companion

So you know the story, you're in the airport waiting on your flight to board so you go to the periodicals to see whats on stands, you pick up a magazine it has one interesting article but everything else is unappealing, you pick up another that has an interesting fashion spread or interview but everything else is wack. What if you could take all those areas of interest and create your own periodical to read? Cunning Agency and HSBC have come up with a very clever concept of Bespoke Magazines, basically the concept consist of an array of articles to choose from, the person picks them out, then the order in which they want them and from there the magazine is bound right there in the airport...So sanitary. Check out the video below to see more.

Table Talk

Collection Agnes B Book

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Country Boys

Lou Dalton A/W 09

"100 Proof"

I consider myself a novice conesuier of fine liquers so I'm definitely looking forward to trying out Belvedere Intense. Now I must admit I've never really been a fan of Belvy but with intense aroma with notes of crème caramel, dark savoury spice, and rich bitter chocolate I must say I might learn to love this one. The vodka is double filtered through charcoal, resulting in a 50% increase in alcohol content and making it the first 100 proof vodka. Because of the aromatic notes and smooth textures many have said it's ideal for cocktails. And with it's dramatic new bottle (black with a silver tree, instead of it's classic clear bottle) it's sure to add flavor to any party. Bottoms Up.

Style Speaks: Shining time after time

First let me say I love Kanye, but he really doesn't represent me, I'm not a sneaker head, or jeans freak. But I love and truly appreciate his style therefore it's easy to adopt certain aspects of his style and make it my own. But my true influences come from gentleman like Lino Ieluzzi owner of Al Bazaar in Milan, Italy. He opened his store in 1974 and remains relevant over three decades later. His style is not so much about the clothing itself, rather it's the picture he paints with them, the accessories that are subtly striking. Here he is on giving Tim Blanks a tour of his store...

P.S as Umberto Angeloni says “The most challenging part to dressing well is knowing how to be elegant while being casual.” Lino gets it, I'm trying to get it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So Springbreak is just around the corner, and I want to be different this feel me? I've been doing my thing in the gym and trying to get a couple looks together for the beach. I was wondering, do you think the European Swin Trunk will work for me? I mean it is Miami

Dinner is Served

So I went to a dinner party the other week and I was shocked at how the Causal Luxury experience was starting to consume and take over some of my friends. Nothing screams Causal Luxury more than having a 5-course dinner, chilled wine while hanging the homeboys....they will be Dandies soon.


So it's like 3am in the morning and while at work I had an urge for something savory so I drove to a local doughnut shop and had one of my favorite indulgences...Samosa is a stuffed pastry consists of a fried triangular- or tetrahedron-shaped pastry shell with a savory filling of spiced potatoes, onion, peas, coriander, and sometimes fresh paneer.It is often eaten with chutney. It's a common snack in South Asia, Central Asia, the Horn of Africa, and the Arabia. Definitely hits the spot...try something new.

Just trying to live

This is the first half of an interview that Tom Ford did with CNN of his London abode, I love that he embodies casual luxury he wears suits like sweats, moving effortlessly in them, his home is beautiful orchestrated to sophisticated yet understated.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tea Time


Been around the World

While the noveau riche' is concerned with image and logos, old money is concerned with quality. And who embodies quality more than luxury brand Globe-Trotter a hand made English luxury brand. Established in 1897 their brand philosophy is expressed by exactly what they create...never to compromise the integrity of craftsmanship.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Those damn Australians

For-tomorrow is a Australian based online shop and blog recently it has launched a segment showcasing the behind the scene activities of designers, photographers, etc. There first video was a "collage" of high end labels in Australia...enjoy

Kill Yourself

Eugenio Merino has caused some controversy after creating a effigy of Damien Hirst called For the Love of Gold depicting (what some call) the master financial strategist shooting himself in the head while wearing a T-shirt with the 100 million dollar diamond encrusted skull. The mediums used for the piece included human hair, and actual blood pouring out of the wound, Eugenio Merino created the piece in reference to the diamond skull...I guess controversy sells because the piece was immediately purchased by a Florida collector for 33,500 dollars. Gotta love it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Casual Corner

Lucien Pellat-Finet known in the fashion world as the "king of cashmere" has be in the fashion world for quite a while creating abstract art conveyed in attire. Starting as a freelancer in the fashion world, his love for cashmere started in a window while strolling down the streets of Paris in the 1990's he has since expanded to a fine Egyptian cotton t-shirts, organic jeans, etc. In 2001 he collaborated with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami together they developed the “two magic mushroom” design for his sweaters. He also recently collaborated Milkcrate to create a street wear brand called ALA Crate. I'm tired of tees think I'll cop some cashmere.

Honorable Mention

Yesterday I posted GQ's Top Ten most stylish men but in my opinion there were some gentleman who were left out so here's there honorable mention.

Lapo Elkann grandson of Gianni Agnelli and prince of the Fiat motor dynasty. He exudes a casual refinement that would be best described as sprezzatura always cool, expressive and pristine even when he's gritty. A true modern day dandy.

Alan Flusser...some say is a leading voice in men's fine clothing (I would agree) he is an accomplished author (Dressing the Man, Style and the Man) as well as owning Alan Flusser Designs in New York. Casually Classic.

Fonzworth Bentley...say what you will about this gentleman but in my opinion Bentley was a push to elevate the urban world, a author, musician, and now reality personality, Bentley not only elevated Diddy's look he made it cool to be classy.

Andre 3000...always colorful and expressive, as 3000 evolved so did his style and he has found a way to make the looks of the 1920, 30's and 50's contemporary and fresh and with his new line (Benjamin Bixby)3000 is adding one more flavor to hip hop.

Pharrell Williams...evokes the idea that fashion is about art, self expression, and all of the creativity that brings, he seamlessly transitions from hip hop to sartorial living and is comfortable in either world. A true artist of expression.

That's it...for now...Love is...

Google em'...Damien Hirst

"I've always thought of a museums as dust gathering things for dead artist..."

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst is a world renowned artist admired by many including Tom Ford (which is how I initially heard of him), he is apart of the YBA (Young British Artist) and is most well known for his fascination with death, and interpreting it. Some of his more recent noted works include a 14 ft. tiger shark dissected and preserved in formaldehyde. After observing each work it's hard not to be drawn into his world, but bring it in to yours is not cheap. On average a Hirst piece retails for over 5 million dollars. The piece displayed in this video is predicted to sale for well over 50 million. Now that's what I call luxurious living. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I wanna go the rain

Rain Rain go away...wait when it rains I go out and play, I'm oh so fresh and you should note, that I'm a fly muthafucka in my Sealup raincoat. I love the idea of something traditional and functional like the raincoat being modernized with a pattern like plaid it seems to add a little color to an otherwise dull day.

Snake eyes...

YMC Snakeskin Deck Shoes

Sartorially Streetwise

I saw this picture on BK Circus and thought it was rather clever...It's truly a representation that being well dressed isn't relegated to suits and sport coats, rather the elements being put together artistically to evoke a certain, tone or mood.

PS don't be mad if I steal this ;)

Style Speaks

From a musician to a hotelier to a "style" guy GQ picked 10 guys that they believed embody style...

“My look is kind of an amalgam of different things: European, preppy, southern. Preppy is oftentimes pejorative, but if you really boil it down, it’s nothing more than classic clothes—a pair of khaki pants, a Shetland sweater.” Sid Mashburn

"I have real basic, old-school, classic style, homey. I’m still a Polo kid. I still like my pants to fit a certain way..."

"Style is about expressing your personality, and it’s not like that changes from one year to the next..."
Glenn O'brien

“Ever since I was a little boy and I had to dress up, I liked suits. I’d slick my hair back and be like ‘Yeah!’...I like combining different things like a sweatshirt and a suit, but I don’t feel totally comfortable going balls to the wall; one half of me doesn’t want to stand out, and another part loves Keith Moon.”

Jason Schwartzman

“My style is…loose and lazy? [laughs] It has everything to do with living out here..."

Ed Ruscha and Jr.

"It’s instinct: color. Fabric. The way it feels on you."
Kanye West

"Comfort is the most important thing. Comfort is like happiness—who’s not looking for happiness?”
Andre Balazs

“My mother told me when I was about 12 that I should wear blue because I’ve got blue eyes. It stuck. Every time we watched old movies together, she would point out to me who was dressed well and who wasn’t. So all my icons are the old guys"
Alex Lubomirski

"You have to dress like you take your job seriously. It helps if you wear a tie as a sign of authority. One day I had to do some laundry when I was working on that record. I came into the studio in jeans and a T-shirt, and Ricky was like, ‘I’m not listening to you today. You look like a 14-year-old fool.’”
Mark Ronson

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mr. Tamborine Man

Bang & Olufson Beosound 3200 Soundsystem with two BeoLab3 speakers
Made from wood and leather and finished with a brass shell that is available in more than 50 colors
holds 480 CDs

Pinel & Pinel

A lil Acne isn't all bad

Acne A/W 09 look book

Smell my beats

Brand innovator Calvin Klein has a new fragrance and a new campaign "We are One" with his new fragrance consumers will also receive a MP3 player as the encasement. It's amazing that despite barriers of language, culture, and/or biases that the simplicities in life like our senses still have the ability to bring us together.

Movement: Rag and Bone

Movement: How Duckie can you get

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Movement: Cool like Calvin

back to our regularly scheduled program...

Movement: Z for Zegna

Movement: Lounging in Lacoste

Love Week Part 1.

I was feeling OK (despite recovering what felt like a 24 hr flu) last Thursday so I stepped out to hang out with the Alphas of Texas State for their annual "Love Gala". If you weren't there definitely missed an entertaining evening.