Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fall Picks My Top Ten

The texture of chroma sculpts the sartorial silhouettes with crisp whispers of enlightenment that fall brings, new moments, new memories, renewed opportunities to transform commonalities into something uniquely magnificent. Take a trip through creative minds and experience somethings old, somethings borrowed, somethings the blue, all referencing the past yet begun anew. ---

Over the weekend Men.style.com (which I've heard will be shutting down due to the economy :( ) posted it's bi annual picks which looks at different retailers pics for each season here are some of my favorites.

Fay by Giles Deacon peacoat
available at Barneys

While there may be nothing new under the sun referencing the past can always offer new inspiration.

Bess NYC leather moto jacket
available at Barneys

The passing of Michael Jackson (RIP) has inspired an indulgence of oppulence despite our current economic hardships in my opinion. I love seeing pieces that my alter ego (if I had one) would wear with bravado and arrogance, this piece reminds me of a modern day Rebel without a Cause or something the modern T-birds would incorporate.

BBlessing for Molly Yestadt "Melville" fedora
available at BBlessing

Dandys and Hepcats will appreciate this fedora smooth styling and color, while simultaneously adding a bit of gruffness with the felt definitely a timeless piece.

The Finnish raccoon trapper hat
Available at Bergdorf Goodman

There is versatility and vanity in fur hats, to me they are like art you can wear. The silent opulence that spoken by wearing one often can be heard from across the street when spoken eloquently of course. And aside from PETA I think that's why we love em.

Band of Outsiders Shetland sweatpants
available at shops of the confederacy

Who says sweats can't be sartorial. And I think their quote said it best "I am of the philosophy that even in your bumming-around hours, you should look stylish—these are the answer to that conundrum."

Dries Van Noten portfolio
available at Jeffery New York

While "man bags" are often thought to be too "metro" for many the attache' offers professional charm in its design but bold options for those looking to leave lasting impressions.

Balenciaga varsity jacket
available at Jeffery New York

If any of you played sports varsity sports was always our goal, and the letter man's jacket represented achievement and playing at the top of your game...same concept different game.

LD Tuttle motorcycle boot
available at Oak NYC

I love the paradox of hard design co-mingled with soft media the leather boots are that representation.

Opening Ceremony quilted dress shirt
available at Opening Ceremony

As dandies it's our job to push the sartorial envelope and I think this is one way to do it, I could see this paired with a velvet bow tie and waistcoat over some flannel trousers and the moto boots.

Kolor stretch glen plaid suit
available at Opening Ceremony

Tom Ford once said "A man should feel so comfortable in a suit that he's just as comfortable in a suit as he would be in sweats." I think this is a nice compromise.

These were a few of my favorites but take a look at all of the looks on men.style and may your fall be as colorful and beautiful as these pieces.

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