Monday, November 16, 2009

The Season of...

Behold that old things must pass away to make way for things to become anew. Life is all about change, and transition. Funny thing about transition it seems to be one of the most exciting, yet awkward, and confusing times in life each time it happens. I have equated it to walking into a dark room and trying to find your way around, being able to see images but unable to make out what they are or fully appreciate where they are. We tend to think these things are obstacles having to feel our way around and use other senses to guide us to our destination but once we arrive at the switch and turn the light on, it is revealed that those so called obstacles were actually gifts that we could only appreciate after we felt them out, often times we take precious things like the metamorphosis of maturity for granted and can only appreciate arriving at a desired destination if we had to go through something to get to it.
So I must begin this change that has started to take place with an apology. This journey that you are all taking with me should be so much more than fashion, or the proverbial luxurious lifestyle. As a side note I had the pleasure of meeting a very wise gentleman who spoke to me about what luxury is and he said that, “True luxury is having the resources and time to the things that you want to do at your leisure.” With this new revelation I will be attempting to take you on a luxurious experience filled with new understanding of self, and the world around me, through the relationships I build and maybe even some that I have discard. But I believe it was best said in David Copperfield when he said, “Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.”

With that said I thank you for taking this trip with me…

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Shadelle said...

"True luxury is having the resources and time to the things that you want to do at your leisure."


Takes me back to that conversation we had the other day. Well, in that case, I will work hard now (as I am doing) so that me, my significant other, and my children can live a truly luxurious life. ;)