Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lovers and Friends....

It’s been said that friends make the best lovers,
I have often wondered why?
Is it because they know ones ins and outs?
Or because they know what lies behind their eyes?
Is it their attention their history and comprisal of all the things that make them up?
Or their ability to see the beauty you possess even if it’s in the morning without your make up?
Or is it simply because they took time to experience your story?
In this fickle world we are often afraid to reveal who we are intimately,
But a true friend takes time to displace insecurity,
When one truly cares, they want to experience your mind,
Far before they are ever concerned about the other side of “quality time”,

When you tell them your deepest secrets,
They are not dissuaded or intimidated,
Nor do they find perverse intrigue,
They simply understand that’s apart of your personality,
And you can rest assure that they won’t tell anybody,
Or even more so it because they know all of those pleasurable places others never privily to, simply because they took the time to listen to you,
Stories you freely disclosed, racy, sometimes wild,
And with attentive ears they simply listened and smiled,
All the while respecting you and suppressing selfish desires,
Allowing you to fine solace and affection in their arms,
A lady or a gentleman they remain,
Unless you both fall victim to seduction and her charms,

Regardless of the each situation what is most important of all,
Whatever should happen you can always depend on your friend
To be there whenever you call,
So next time your making excuses of why you think it won’t work out,
Go ahead and try the friend thing out,
You never know what may happen in the end the greatest lover in life could end up being your best friend.

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