Monday, April 20, 2009

“A gentleman can live through anything.”

I constantly am wondering what type of man I will grow up to be, if I will leave a lasting mark on society or fade into the oblivion of obscurity, but in any case a gentleman I must always remain and continue to be.

It's amazing that a true gentleman transcends race, culture, and even time and simply exist to enhance the lives of others. If you are a fan of the arts as I am I'm sure you have heard of James Lipton of Inside the Actor's Studio. He was interviewed for the 200th episode of the Actor's Studio by non other than Dave Chappelle, I must admit I'm awed by the condor of his story but the eloquence with which he tells them, the sincerity of his character paired with his elevated poise and demeanor, yet most impressed by his genuine approachable nature all the while demanding your attention. Here is an excerpt from the 2 hour show, if you get the opportunity check it out on Bravo it's truly a treat.

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