Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's just those rainy days...

Last week I was caught off guard...I was wearing my velvet slippers at school (as I do most days) and it began to rain and I panicked...I definitely wasn't trying to damage my "sneakers" but I needed to get to my next class my solution? I simply asked one of cleaning technicians for a two of the small linings for the trash and tied them around my feet and was good to go...of course by the time I did that it stopped raining lol. But should you ever get caught in one of those rainy days a better solution is to get some shoe covers like these by SWIMS they are specially created to protect your shoes with a tight fit, and the inner lining is low frictition when slipping on & off which maintain the life of the shoes, has moisture prevention, and insulation to keep feet warm in cold weather with a unique polishing action. - Extra traction helps for better grip on slippery surfaces - Shock-absorbing heal.
But at $126.00 they may be out of some of our budgets so if you can't afford these there are other alternatives like these shoe covers

which are $9.95 for 25 pair and are disposable, of course they're not as fashionable and may not fit as well but they still do their job quite well, they are also a good travel accessory.
There are also the totes rubber shoe covers (which I picked up) they fit moderately well but definitely keep your shoes dry, are reusable, and while they're nothing to look at aesthetically for $17.99 I'm not complaining too much.

Still I definitely need to get some of those SWIMS cause they add an extra flair to any wardrobe despite the elements, while allowing you to get a little dirty with out apprehension.

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