Saturday, April 18, 2009

I get around...

So it's been about two weeks since my birthday and since Texas Relays but as promised here are some pictures of me and my escapades from the weekend.

So we started out at a beautiful venue called The Madison hosted by the man of the hour Mr. Miles Gray and BBC, which almost felt like a scene out of Eyes Wide Shut a plane door no signage just a man outside who check our ID and then guided us into exclusivity definitely was a lot of fun. My ensemble consisted of a velvet bow tie, a Ralph Lauren polka dotted waist coat, Thomas Pink pink dress shirt, chalked stripe wool trousers, a vintage pocket watch and stubbs and wootton velvet slippers, and driving gloves cause when your killing folks like this its best not leave prints.

The following night I ended up at First Fridays a monthly event thrown by my man Andre Gaddis here in Austin, while I wish the dress code was as strict as the days of old, you can always elevate others when you elevate yourself. It didn't take much the ensemble consisted of a vintage dinner jacket, a Ralph Lauren Purple label shirt, and polka dotted bow tie, black pinstripe trousers from my Michael Kors suit, and some red Shipton and Heneage velvet slippers, with a gold plated rose broach in the lapel with a napkin for my pocket square (note I did have a matching red and gold pocket square but a friend at another party was naked so I had to bless him with mine until I got there, if you run out of the house naked meaning you don't have a square in your breast pocket, throw a napkin in there it's a quick solution and 90% no one will even notice) as you can see I was definitely blessed with the company of beautiful ladies.

You have to love Texas weather, there was a high in the low 70's on Thursday and Friday but Saturday you would've thought it was summer with a humid high of 84 degrees, so what do we do on a hot day? Have a cold drink, which brought me to sping fest an annual event thrown at the Iron Cactus, the ensemble stayed casually cool with a Ralph Lauren linen shirt a vintage tie belt, some linen pants, accessorized with tortoise shell glass (Ralph Lauren of course) and felix the cat slippers, they caught so much attention my man KamiKaze of had to show love them. It remains true that elegance isn't necessarily found in your attire rather your grace, demeanor, and attitude, which is to say casual elegance is a state of mind.

The weekend concluded just as it began with an upscale event with beautiful people and I must give special thanks to Mr. Gray III of BBC who gave me carte blanche' for the evening, I continue to see that "Good clothes open all doors" sometimes literally. The ensemble consisted of a seersucker Ralph Lauren suit (yes we can wear seersucker in March because Texas is considered a tropical state) a gingham check shirt by Thomas Pink, a plaid brioni tie, a orange and green pocket square, paired with some devilish stubbs and wootton slippers and accentuated with a white boutonniere as you can see by the time this picture was taken I was having a very good time. Lets see beautiful people + open bar always= a very good night. what do you think?

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