Thursday, February 26, 2009

Style Speaks: Shining time after time

First let me say I love Kanye, but he really doesn't represent me, I'm not a sneaker head, or jeans freak. But I love and truly appreciate his style therefore it's easy to adopt certain aspects of his style and make it my own. But my true influences come from gentleman like Lino Ieluzzi owner of Al Bazaar in Milan, Italy. He opened his store in 1974 and remains relevant over three decades later. His style is not so much about the clothing itself, rather it's the picture he paints with them, the accessories that are subtly striking. Here he is on giving Tim Blanks a tour of his store...

P.S as Umberto Angeloni says “The most challenging part to dressing well is knowing how to be elegant while being casual.” Lino gets it, I'm trying to get it.

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