Friday, February 20, 2009

Honorable Mention

Yesterday I posted GQ's Top Ten most stylish men but in my opinion there were some gentleman who were left out so here's there honorable mention.

Lapo Elkann grandson of Gianni Agnelli and prince of the Fiat motor dynasty. He exudes a casual refinement that would be best described as sprezzatura always cool, expressive and pristine even when he's gritty. A true modern day dandy.

Alan Flusser...some say is a leading voice in men's fine clothing (I would agree) he is an accomplished author (Dressing the Man, Style and the Man) as well as owning Alan Flusser Designs in New York. Casually Classic.

Fonzworth Bentley...say what you will about this gentleman but in my opinion Bentley was a push to elevate the urban world, a author, musician, and now reality personality, Bentley not only elevated Diddy's look he made it cool to be classy.

Andre 3000...always colorful and expressive, as 3000 evolved so did his style and he has found a way to make the looks of the 1920, 30's and 50's contemporary and fresh and with his new line (Benjamin Bixby)3000 is adding one more flavor to hip hop.

Pharrell Williams...evokes the idea that fashion is about art, self expression, and all of the creativity that brings, he seamlessly transitions from hip hop to sartorial living and is comfortable in either world. A true artist of expression.

That's it...for now...Love is...

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