Thursday, February 19, 2009

Style Speaks

From a musician to a hotelier to a "style" guy GQ picked 10 guys that they believed embody style...

“My look is kind of an amalgam of different things: European, preppy, southern. Preppy is oftentimes pejorative, but if you really boil it down, it’s nothing more than classic clothes—a pair of khaki pants, a Shetland sweater.” Sid Mashburn

"I have real basic, old-school, classic style, homey. I’m still a Polo kid. I still like my pants to fit a certain way..."

"Style is about expressing your personality, and it’s not like that changes from one year to the next..."
Glenn O'brien

“Ever since I was a little boy and I had to dress up, I liked suits. I’d slick my hair back and be like ‘Yeah!’...I like combining different things like a sweatshirt and a suit, but I don’t feel totally comfortable going balls to the wall; one half of me doesn’t want to stand out, and another part loves Keith Moon.”

Jason Schwartzman

“My style is…loose and lazy? [laughs] It has everything to do with living out here..."

Ed Ruscha and Jr.

"It’s instinct: color. Fabric. The way it feels on you."
Kanye West

"Comfort is the most important thing. Comfort is like happiness—who’s not looking for happiness?”
Andre Balazs

“My mother told me when I was about 12 that I should wear blue because I’ve got blue eyes. It stuck. Every time we watched old movies together, she would point out to me who was dressed well and who wasn’t. So all my icons are the old guys"
Alex Lubomirski

"You have to dress like you take your job seriously. It helps if you wear a tie as a sign of authority. One day I had to do some laundry when I was working on that record. I came into the studio in jeans and a T-shirt, and Ricky was like, ‘I’m not listening to you today. You look like a 14-year-old fool.’”
Mark Ronson

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