Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mr. Debonair

My apologies for the delay in corresponding with you my weekend was rather hectic more on that later...Last week I had the pleasure of going to annual event at Texas State University called Mr. Debonair, an embodiment of sophisticated swagger and urbane characteristics personified through a series of scenes in which each contestant performs. The night started out with a rendition of "My Girl" followed by each contestants introduction, succeeded by a talent portion. Following this each contestant provide a platform for workshops they would like to implement on campus to help the community, and lastly was the evening wear portion in which each contestant was adorned in their finest evening attire escorting a beautiful lady on their arm followed by a Q & A. I have to say I was entertained and thoroughly enjoyed myself...the icing on the cake came when my boys both received honors: John Luna "Fly Guy 2009" wore a black three piece suit with a pink shirt black bow tie and a rose in his pocket and John Juarez walked away with crown wearing a 3 button gray Zegna suit, with black Ferragamo loafers, red socks, and an ascot, you don't get much more debonair than that.

I'm trying to get through these next two weeks as quickly as possible so I can get back to the "A" the ignorant mess me and the family is about to get into lol...stay tuned.

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