Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is Brooklyn in the house

If you know me you know I enjoy true exclusivity...true you have to pay a little more it, but you also ensure that whatever it is doesn't become common place. Brooklyn was created by a company called Bond No. 9 outta (where else with a name like Brooklyn) New York make sure you check them out. The scent consist of a woody, spicy-filled oriental that mingles cardamom, geranium leaves, and cedarwood while grapefruit and juniper leaves accelerate the scent, and South American guaiacwood and leather bring a tender, beckoning touch. One of the great things about this eau de parfum is that is has what is called sillage which means that the scents notes will diffuse throughout the day...a couple of sprits and your good to go.

Bond No. 9 Brooklyn $220 SAKS FiFTH


ShaDella said...

Yes. I enjoy true exclusivity as well... Where is this cologne sold? ( Im not trying to purchase it, just want to pass by and take a whiff ;)

Michael Andrew said...

It is sold at Saks Fifth Ave.