Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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The thing I love most about Zegna is that it doesn't really attempt to follow trends the remain focused on creating timeless clothing, and wonderful tailoring.

Recession? No Renaissance
D&G created statement making pieces this collection that seemed to dismiss the notion that the global economy featuring luxurious velvet boots and jackets, jacquard cardigans and jackets, and a pleasantly disturbing trend seen in other collections of fur coats.

Classically Casual
DSq2 incorporated classic pieces but we found their beauty in the details the fabrication, color, and styling that made for interesting mix of "Devil without a Cause" (get up on ya classics) and Ralph Lauren RRL just edgier.

Iceberg Slim
I love the new direction that iceberg has taken, remaining true to its brand identity with the quirkiness of childhood nostalgia just tapered, and classically inspired.

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