Friday, January 16, 2009

Double It UP

Whats up Casual Luxuriers, its Dandy B. Doug and today I think its imperative we discuss how to properly wear a Double-Breasted Blazer. It's simple:

Many dandies have offered their commentary concerning the do's and the don'ts on the proper wear of a double breasted blazer. Everybody can't be here's my opinion. Some say due the framework of the double-breasted blazer, shorter men can't wear the blazer because it further personifies your short and stout frame. But I disagree along with Alan Flusser(Original Dandy), one of America's first style mavens. The swooping lapels of a double-breasted jacket, from the tip of a peaked lapel down to two crossed points at the waist, creates the illusion of height. You be the judge?

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