Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beyond the Firm Hand-Shake

"And if, like most men, you're to busy to pay attention on your own, take comfort in the fact that..." the quintessential woman will do it for you (and if you think your a STYLE MAVEN, you should too). Bros lets face it... fashion/ personal style goes beyond your signature velvet dinner slippers and your custom tailored peak lapel blazer. How about this, extend your MANICURED hand to the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company in efforts to making a lasting impression or network...now that's style and swagg.

By no means am I telling you not to pay attention to what you wear(please) but the little things matter just as much. Like manicured nails, flossed teeth, and neat eyebrows (no uni-brows). Here are a couple places I like to go that help cater to the ultimate male experience: Please take my advice.

The Grooming Lounge
The Executive Club
Nails Ect.
Spa Sydel

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