Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Fellas I know I need not to say this, but your suspender days are over. I see a lot of brothers walking around with suspenders as though its cool and correct; NOT. Look, here at Collideoscope we are interested in creating and introducing men to the CASUAL LUXURY brand. If you are wearing suspenders and you are not 12 and under, you are "SUSPENDED" in time. Elastic suspenders and any suspenders with metal clips should not be worn at any time.

"Braces" are what we call them. When one is waring a suit or a pair of trousers and feels as though a belt is not cohesive with the look they are going for or simply doesn't feel like putting on one, they pull out the braces. Braces neutralize the outfit while serving the dualistic function of keeping one's pants up.
When one knows better he does better...

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