Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Be Independent..."Don't follow fashion follow your own fashion"

Individuality is taking advantage of the opportunity to be transparent, to give the world the opportunity to see who you really are and respond to it, and all the while not give a damn...

It's apparent by now that I am a great admirer of Lapo Elkann's style and while I may not always get or subscribe to all the looks no one can deny his sartorial independence. Which is probably one of the reasons he has had the ability to set trends and has been regarded as one of the best dressed men in the world by many fashion circles. A few years ago he introduced accessories line called Italia Independent which he has now expanded to a full range of "personal products" that are both tasteful and vibrant, encouraging us all to always be independent. Enjoy

P.S. While I don't speak Italian Mr. Elkann has some great words of wisdom in English throughout the video.

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