Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hot summer nights...

Being in Texas in the summer is a shocking experience if you're not from here, our daytime temps can reach 100+ degrees (as they have been the last few weeks) with heat indexes nearing 105+ but at night while it's still hot there are those nights when the heat is poetic

a representation of movement, energy, and life, of passionate intimacy in public places with that person you may or may not remember in the morning, heat becomes the degree of communication that require no words, just movement,

the humidity of sensuality all culminating to receive the refreshing pleasure provided by heat and friction, on these nights the heat is beautiful, engulfing, almost addictive, on these nights we hope the sun never comes up.

Special Appreciation goes to Miles Gray III and the BBC team for another wonderful and memorable evening truly enjoyed myself. And thopphotos for the great pictures.

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