Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weekend Excursions (sorry for the delay)

The gift of experience is a priceless jewel that only shines brighter each time it is received...

It was an interesting weekend I made a little excursion to Houston for a lovely friend of mines (Ms. Courtni Martin)fashion show, as she is raising money so that she can study abroad in Paris, France next summer. I had every intention on being in the audience this time as it's been quite awhile since I've watched one but of course I had to be there for a great friend who was in need. While she had everything pretty much in control, I helped with getting looks in order, styling some of the male models, and dressing
so while there was chaos in the back

and we had a few problems with lighting...

The show was a great success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. we ended at about 11:45pm and I had every intention of going out for drinks to enjoy myself but when it was all over I simply wanted to go home, so I got back on the road and drove back to Austin, which I would never recommend doing with no sleep but it was worth it my bed never felt so good lol. Much appreciation goes to who shot the whole ordeal.

I'm greatly looking forward to this weekend as my lovely lady friend Flor Mancha will be gracing me with her presence as I escort her to a Wedding it should be another fun filled memorable weekend for the Fourth.

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