Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Clown Suit

Take great care always to be dressed like reasonable people of your own age in the place where you are whose dress is never spoken of as either too negligent or too much studied. -Lord Chesterfield

As the NBA Finals are going to be starting tomorrow night, I'm anticipating not only anticipating the game, I'm also anticipating what NBA correspondent Craig Sager will be wearing throughout the series. Let it be known that I admire Mr. Sager's confidence and personal style...with that said he is a perfect example of being too modern term too matchy. I used to work at a retail store where fellas would come in and ask for a blue suit, blue shirt, blue tie, blue shoes, and blue socks, and when I offered alternatives such a pink shirt or a complimentary tie I was looked at as if I was an idiot. The most ironic thing was that these same fellas would come in a week later and would pick up a polo with blue, pink, white, and green, or some other complimentary color variation. Listen there is nothing wrong with a Monochromatic look, but always a remember women should match, men should compliment. If wearing a suit there should be something that breaks up the monotony of the colors even if it's something as simple as a white collar, or brown shoes, otherwise it can end up looking like a clown suit. Lastly, while KG's comments were quite funny, I think Kenny Smith's comment was right on point "it's not the individual pieces, it's the individual pieces together." Because I agreed with that here are some examples of pink done right.

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