Friday, June 12, 2009

A tailor and his needle and thread is a artist to his paint brush...Artisty at its best

There is a difference between individual style and classic style, in both person and brand. The classic brands never go out of style but the individualized style of a brand or its "brand identity" that always gets the critical acclaim. Brands like Brioni have been around for decades and have always dedicated themselves to quality construction, and quality relationship with their clients. I recently came across an article about how they are inspiring some trends today and wanted to show some attention to this wonderful brand. Using some pictures from Brioni: Fifty Years of Style by Cristina Giorgetti

While many in today's sartorial deem Brioni a classic brand I still believe that they maintain a certain level of artistry in their clothing, certainly in quality and construction, but the abstract the avante garde artist still lies there subtly in the tone of color, the width of their lapel, the weave of their fabric.

As we take a look at the visual history it's not hard to see that its always been there, colorful expressive, fun all the while elegant, luxurious, and yes at times opulent, but always unique and ahead of its time. Always beautiful constructed, sometimes with hours upon hours of attention to the details no one may see. A time consuming process that brought each client along for the journey. That's the beauty of clothing to me at least the time that it takes to create it, the skill it takes to make it, and the expression it provides when it's worn. Clothes truly are wearable art.

It's no wonder that Brioni has thousands of young designers and tailors applying to study under masters of this dying art...

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