Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A man's walk is never done...

So Milan fashion week started Monday...and I must admit I'm enjoying what I see so far. A return to tailoring and more of a focus on elegance, casual or otherwise. The thing I really love about these fashion week events are not just the fashion shows themselves but a look at style trends especially there in Milan, and Florence. Watching these trends always allow me to update my own wardrobe without purchasing a thing. But for now let's take a look at some of my favorite collections so far for the S/S 2010 collections.

First there's Zegna...No frills, no thrills just consistency on the part of Gildo Zegna the color palette was soft yet classic and offered a more relaxed silhouette (especially in the pants) while remaining true to the brand's elegantly casual aesthetic.

I also enjoyed Bottega Veneta's collection as he explored color and structure with this collection, but the thing that I enjoy most is Tomas Maier's ability to not take a man too far too fast there's always something relatively familiar yet fashionable in his pieces. The colors were a lot more vibrant in hue than in past collections I've seen him produce but I loved that he still managed to keep them masculine but minimizing the vitality of each color.

here's some video of the show

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