Thursday, June 18, 2009

Selfish, selfless, style...

Style never resides in a piece of clothing it is simply the pen, the tool that gives the author the ability to express himself." -unknown

I think that personal style is an artform all its own, it has always been my belief that stylish friends can go into a store love the same piece purchase it, they can all wear it the same day and each will communicate something very different to their audience. The wonderful people at BKc (Brooklyn Circus),by the way I love these urban gents sense of image communication, provided a perfect representation of this in this picture. Each fella rocking a newsboy (or gatsby whichever you prefer) cap, and naval cardigan.

Now lets take a look at the subtle personal nuances that separate each individual from the other.

Each of them is projecting an air of casualness just in different ways. My man in the red tee, finished off his look with a pair or gray jeans and what appear to be white Nantucket brogues, the red adding a pop of color that would further accentuate the red in the patch on his arm, the cuffed pants offer more of a broad transition as they can be worn more places than shorts can, but still isn't dressed up either.

The next gentleman wore a tee as well but the gray color mutes his look which offers an understated element as if to say I'm styling on you but I don't have to put it in your face, he pairs his look with brown cargo shorts which can be fashionable as well as functional (may need the extra pocket space)but still ads refinement to the look with the brown tassel loafers.

The last dandy of the bunch is more to my taste ( I really don't wear t-shirts that much) pairing a powder blue long sleeve casual button down shirt, with self rolled paper denim shorts with brown driving loafers, and tops it off with a neckercheif if I'm not mistaken. This is probably my favorite look because the neckercheif adds a touch of panache to the overall look elevated to common folk, yet not pretentious, insighting inquiry into the ensemble.

"Here at The BKc we never try to be like each other, we all embrace our own personal Style + Character. But we are all definitely inspired by each other on a daily basis whether it be conscience or unconscience." -BK Circus

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